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FlashGameCool.com is your online portal to a vast array of entertaining flash games that can help you pass the time and enjoy competing with friends. Our goal is to provide visitors with a selection that appeals to every age and interest. Thanks to our broad categories covering everything from shooting games to puzzles and roleplaying games to adventure storylines, every person is sure to find something to hold their attention and keep them coming back over and over for more. We strive to constantly update our database with new additions to our collection of addicting flash games periodically to ensure that you can choose from the largest selection possible.

Our servers are maintained watchfully to discourage cheating and eliminate the possibility as well as to supervise the delivery of our games with the speed and response time that you deserve. We remain dedicated to serving our visitors through checking our connections as well as debugging games and checking their playability so that you will only be presented with the highest quality entertainment. If we find a game to be of low quality or unplayable do to coding errors, we do not publish it to FlashGameCool.com so that you never have to worry about what you are playing.

If you find a glitch that somehow made it through our rigorous screening process, or you have suggestions for new games and/or improvements to make our site more user-friendly, we are always willing to hear from you. In order to serve our visitors the best, we feel it is necessary to correspond with you and receive feedback with an open mind. Then we can implement those suggestions to enhance the experience of all visitors in order to establish not only a great rapport with players but also to assure each one of our dedication to their entertainment through flash games.

We created FlashCoolGames.com to bring friends together as well as to join people from all walks of life, cultures, and backgrounds in simple fun. These games provide entertainment, stress relief, and easy learning opportunities for younger players to improve their hand-eye coordination. Whether you have a class you wish to reward with clean fun or are looking to kill time between events, you are sure to enjoy yourself browsing through our numerous games as well as competing to complete a challenge or score the highest on the leaderboard. No matter your purpose, every visitor can definitely find what he or she is looking for.

The purpose of this page is to let you get to know our intent as well as what we offer. We enjoy online games as much as the visitors to our site, so our passion is sure to shine through. By delivering the very best flash games, we aim to bring people together through entertainment and safe fun while inspiring them through healthy competition. Our library contains all of the best online games for every age and interest and is sure to accomplish our goals as well as satisfy you.